It is estimated that the first settlement began in 3000 BC, with a very old history. Throughout history, many sailors have been inhabited for the community. It was used as a standpoint of caravans in Byzantines, Seljuk and Ottoman Empire.
Alara Tea

Manavgat-Alanya is a 62 km long, fast flowing tea between the districts of the Mediterranean. It takes its source from the 2,647 altitude of the central Taurus Mountains, and the zone of Akdag. mixed with a pebble in a gravel area. There used to be a large number of water mills on this tea.

The nose, consisting of an indentation of approximately one kilometer towards the sea, was named Karaburun. The region where the nose is also named Karaburun. There is a beautiful cove from the sea to the west. The bay has a beautiful beach and there is an island about 300 meters inland from the land. There are many tourist activities such as daily yacht tours, water sports and diving activities. This cove has been home to many sailors in the history of the community. There are many historical ruins that have been abandoned on the beach.