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A relatively big city with a population of about 75,000, Manavgat, which lies on the banks of Manavgat River a few km inland from the shore, is the hub for visiting nearby waterfalls and seaside resorts, though the city centre itself is not of much touristical importance except for some urban services which little nearby resorts cannot offer.

Manavgat has a public bus and minibus fleet, though the city centre is compact enough to get along on foot.

To get to the waterfalls, take the minibuses (dolmuş) with the sign Şelale – Sarılar from the main street of the city. These frequent minibuses cost 2 TL/person and take about 15 minutes to get to entrance of waterfalls area. There is also a carpark free of charge at the entrance of the falls.

Manavgat Waterfalls (Manavgat Şelalesi), (6 km north of city centre). Though the fall is only a few metres high, the riverbed is wide and the flow high enough to make the falls thundering and white all over. In the viewing area, it’s possible to wet your feet immediately on the edge of the fall safely in a small pond enclosed with fencing. The water is refreshingly cold! This waterfall is the main attraction of the town and there are cafés and shops in the adjacent area where you can buy tourist kitsch and overpriced but good meals. It’s illuminated so can be conveniently visited also after the night falls. 3.5 TL, free after 8PM. edit

Little Waterfall (Küçük Şelale), (1 km further north from the Manavgat Falls). Little Waterfall is, as its name implies, a somewhat smaller and less noisy version of the Manavgat Falls, located about 1 km upriver from it. Not much in the way of non-locals visit it so it lacks the touristical amenities the main falls have, not even an entrance gate. The area around it is visited by local youngsters in their dilapidated cars during weekend nights to have a few drinks, as the garbage mounds through the summer point out, so be careful. Free. edit

Külliye Mosque (Merkez Külliye Camii), Örnek Mahallesi, 1517. Sokak, 07600 Manavgat (South of city centre, close to the D400 highway). Beautiful and biggest mosque in the region. Open to public. Free. edit

River cruises. There are daily cruises on Manavgat River, between the city and the Titreyengöl (“trembling lake”) area downriver, near where the river empties into the Mediterranean. They depart from the park between the bridge on the main street and the yellow bridge. edit

Riverside park. A beautifully landscaped park with some open air cafes lies on the bank of the river, great to take a stroll

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