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GÖYNÜK is a plain in semicircular form extending from Beldibi to Kemer. Kndl Fountain, with its fine sandy bay at the entrance of Kemer, is one of the daily resorts.

The name Göynük is Gökbük in the Luwian/Etruscan language meaning “Fertile plain on the bank of a river at the joining point of the blue sky/blue”.

Indeed, if Göynük plain is inspected closely it appears to have merged into the sky. It is reckoned that the ancient way, called the Old Road, to the north of the area connected Göynük to Pisidia, Termessos and Attaleia.

In ancient times the valley of Göynük creek always had an important position, there fore it remained under the control of the plunderers of Pisidia.

In Göynük; canyon road opens to Üç Oluk Plateau following Lykia road along the mountains following Göynük stream dividing Göynük and Beldibi from each other.

You pass from a mysterious and authentic road during 3-4 kilometers, the mountain on the right covered with a green forest, Göynük stream flowing on the left with a pleasant noise and Göynük town along the stream will fascinate you.

You can reach to the plateau by using the old Lykia road after climbing the mountain path out of the canyon with a unique beauty and there are various walls, stones and stone tombs on this road.

Snow water are fed within the canyon and flow to Göynük stream and kiss various forest trees, yellow brooms and oleanders with various pink colors and cools them and reaches to the sea wandering.

It is understood that the merchants descending from the plateau down to the shore, following the shore, went to Phaselis in the west and the plain of Attaleia in the east.

The Turkoman yörüks who settled on the Cuma plain and the tablelands of Altýnyaka during late 11th century revived this route to descend down to the shore and subsequently, they established a small settlement unit as a quarter subordinated to Kemer.

Today there are tourist facilities to world standards along the coast of Göynük. Alternatively, hiking tours organized in the area towards the valley of the river Göynük are attractive.
The narrow canyon measuring 350 m in height and 6 m in width serves tourism and is full of mysteries

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