Çıralı is located between Antalya, Kemer-Kumluca at the mountain of Gods. Olympus is the mountain of Zeus, God of Gods, and Gods come together on it and make decisions.

There are unblinking flames on this mountain. Çıralı has a beach of 3,2 km and its width changes between 50-100 meters. Beach elevates from the sea with a soft incline.

Its borders are rocks in both ends. It has thin grains and high quality sand in general. There is a river bed flowing only in winter season at its north.

The river at its south reaches to the sea while it passes from the Olympos city. Thus Çıralı beach is divided into two parts; its
south is Olympus River and Olympus and Çıralı. Çıralı has an untouched natural structure and many Caretta Carettas nest the
beach every year and it hosts many animals and plants within its environment.

Besides its natural beauty, it has a marvelous beauty together with the near Olympos city, Yanartafl referred in mythology, orange gardens and greenhouses.*

For hundreds of years, the flame has burned. Chimera and the place has a special history. The nature around is great and the place is easy to find. You can go by car to Chimera, or by a day trip which can be bought in Kemer.
This is the legend about The Ternal flame Chimera

King of Ephyra’s son Hippones kills his brother Belleros during a hunting party and takes the name Belleros, which mean’s ” the one who ate Bellarus”.

Ephyra Kingdom sends Bellerophonts into exile and he takes refuge behind the King of Argos. King of Argos considers killing someone that took refuge behind him as a lack of self-respect. So he sends Bellerophontes to the Lycian Kingdom.

Chimera attacks and Pegassos goes up into the sky. While coming down Bellerophontes hits Chimera with his lance, and inters him
to the underground. But Chimera goes on scattering flame.

This myth which is related by Homeros in this way has been told for thousands of years in Anatolia.

According to the myth the eternal flame is the flame coming up from Chimera’s mouth. So as to celebrate Bellerophontes’ victory, people of Olympos arranges a race.

The athletes burn their torches with Chimera’s sacred flame and run down to the Olympos City. This is the first Olympic Game in Anatolia. In time many different branches of sport are added to this race.

And the Olympic Torch is the symbol of the eternal flame of Chimera’s flame today.
In this area it is possible to see the remains of the Temple of Hephaistos and a Byzantine Church. And this indicates that this area has been a secret place for a long time.

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