Camyuva is located at southwest of Antalya. It is surrounded by Mediterranean Sea at its eastside, Tahtali Mountain at its west side and Agva and the Ancient city Phaselis
and district Tekirova at its south side.

Camyuva’s area is 2.000.000.m2 and its population is app. 10.000, but in summer season it is increased up to 30.000.
Camyuva was a neighborhood of Kemer until 1944 and its previous name was Ağva.

It’s taken out of Kemer and founded as a village. According to a law of 1961, non-Turkish location names were changed and this district is called as Camyuva since then.

Many holiday villages are located in Camyuva, the turnoff for witch is on the highway.

These holiday villages have been constructed without damaging the forest.
Just as the beach is hidden by the forest, the tourist establishments can’t be seen from outside.

All of the holiday villages around Kemer are well planned and in harmony with the Camyuvaenvironment. In recent years, it has been the slops of the Tauros Mountains, not the seashore that have become popular

There are two volcanic rocks while you are traveling to Camyuva location at the right side of the road. They seem like meteoroids coming from the sky as a natural wonder. They are called Twin Rocks (İkiz Kayalar-Karataş) and they are challenging rock climbing point for professional rock climbers.

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