Boğazkent is a village in the district of Serik, Antalya Province, Turkey. On November 12, 2012, the district was adopted by law numbered 6360. [1] The town of Boğazkent is divided into 3 neighborhoods: Ahmediye, Sahil and Boğazak; The Ahmediye quarter: 840 hectares and has a surface measurement; It is surrounded by Serik municipal border in the north, Bridge River in the east, Boğazak and coastal neighborhoods in the south, and the municipality of Karadayı in the west. In the Ahmediye part, the emigrants of Crete live. The descendants of the Cretan immigrants who live here are believed to be based on Tosun Pasha, the son of Mehmet Ali Pasha, the governor of the Egyptian Governorate of the Ottoman period. In fact, the name of a family settled here was “Tosunoğulları ” and after some time it was changed and remained as “Tosun “. Bogazak District; It has an area of 839 hectares; The town of Ahmediye in the north, Bridge tea in the east, the Mediterranean in the south and the Mediterranean Street along the West is limited to the coastal neighbourhood. The coastal quarter has an area of 491 hectares; The Ahmediye neighbourhood in the north is limited to the Boğazak district along the Mediterranean street in the east, the Mediterranean in the south and the Acısu River in the west. Bogazkent municipality was founded in 1998. The town is located in the east of Antalya, in the region of Serik, 50 km to Antalya and 8 km. away from Serik district. Resort Serik region in the north, bridge tea to the east, the south of the Mediterranean and the West is surrounded by the town of Belek. The area is 2170 hectares, the population is 5000 and this value rises to 25,000 in the summer months. The livelihoods of the rapidly developing town with tourism; Agriculture is the tourism that has increased its impact in recent years. Boğazkent is also known as the “Bird Paradise”. 207 birds in Bird paradise where the bird species are identified, 38 are summer visitors, 70 in transit, 60 in winter. Birds come to the region to reproduce during the winter and summer periods. The beach of Belek-Boğazkent has a long and wide sandy blue flag but it is so natural that it is one of the seventeen regions where Caretta caretta turtles prefer to leave their eggs. The Ministry of Environment and Forestry is supported by the presidency of the private Environmental Protection Agency, the Sea Turtles monitoring and protection project is carried out on two separate beaches, Patara and boğazkent.

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