Beldibi – Antalya Airport Transfer

Beldibi is focused on the resorts located in the town and does not have attractions itself. There are seaside public parks located nearby the town along the D400.

Phaselis (or Faselis), is an ancient city (now only ruins) located south of Beldibi, past Kemer. Switch to a Sahil bus headed for Tekirova in Kemer and ask the driver to stop at “antique Phaselis”.

Göynük, which is several kilometers south of Beldibi, has additional shopping and also is the starting point for a hike into the Taurus Mountains along the Göynük Canyon, from where you can connect to the much longer (and adventurous) waymarked trail of Lycian Way.

Antalya to the north contains many attractions as well as the local airport.

Termessos, which is north-west of Antalya, is an ancient mountaintop Lycian city. Most of the city is not in good condition, however the amphitheatre is relatively intact and has an excellent view. Be prepared to do some hiking and climbing. The Karain caves which were inhabited by stone age humans, are located several kilometers away.

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