Adrasan is a heavenly place located near Kumluca, about 50 km. from Kemer. The 2km. beautiful golden sandy beach, the nature, mountains with pine forests at the background make Adrasan one of the most beautiful places in Kemer, Antalya. Adrasan is located on the west of Kemer. Holidaymakers may access Adrasan village after 18 km. from Olympos-Adrasan junction, and than after 4 km. to Adrasan cove.

Adrasan coast is the quietest and peaceful one of the region. The weather in Adrasan is not that warm and boring during the hot summer season. The wind blowing from sea to land till noon and from land to sea afternoon decreases the warm effect of hot summers.

Things to Do and See in Adrasan
Adrasan coast is a naturally protected area. Holidaymakers may see lots of boats and yachts moored at the cove. There also variety of boat trips from Adrasan as well. Daily boat trips from Adrasan mostly start at 10 am. and end between 4.00-5.00 pm. and made to the beautiful coves of Suluada, Sazak and Ceneviz, situated about an hour distance. The Adrasan beach is also excellent. The 2 km. golden sandy beach is perfect for swimmers and beach goers.

If you follow Adrasan coast, you may also see variety of beautiful places. If you follow the coast to the right, you may reach the Adrasan Lighthouse within a 45 minutes walking distance. Very ideal for hiking lovers.

Adrasan is also very ideal for scuba diving and deep sea fishing lovers. The crystal clear waters and underwater environment make Adrasan one of the best diving locations in Kemer, Antalya. There is a 3500 years old Phoenician wreck located at the Gelidonya Cape, at the entrance of Adrasan Cove. Scuba diving is not allowed at this region but scuba diving lovers may visit the Ucadalar (Three Islands) region via boat trips.

You may also visit the Adrasan village located about 4 km. from Adrasan coast. There you may shop fresh fruits and vegetables from the village’s market. There is also a post office at the Adrasan village.

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